To help all Australian’s achieve their financial goals and invest in line with their values. To make financial advice accessible, simple, educational, ethical and reflective of our clients goals and values. 

Mission Statement

To educate, assist and develop our clients and the community with the knowledge and power to improve their financial situation. In doing so acting with integrity to invest and operate in line with our values and interests, including those of future generations.

Through providing honest, creative and brilliant solutions for clients, partners and community, we will be well known to be exceptional at what we do.

To lead the divestment and ethical investment movement through product development, innovation and demand. Ultimately, we aim to be profitable by adding value to our clients, the environment and the community. 


Quality we value quality in all things from investment products to our own time. The better quality of something the longer it will last and the better it will perform.

Planning we value long term planning for outcomes and contingencies to achieve our goals and the goals of our clients and the community.

Community we value the communities in which we operate. Including the communities from where we invest money and draw profits to our local community where our clients and family live. A healthy and happy community promotes sustainable development and sustainable returns.

Environment we value the local environment at home that supports our lives and we also appreciate that the earth is one environment made up of many interconnected systems that support each other. We aim to tread lightly on the planet and promote eco friendly initiatives and innovations.

Integrity we value our own integrity to provide us with answers and a standard of how to behave. Including how we treat others, think of ourselves, set goals and make decisions.