Summer Holidays

Simple living is happy living. This holiday season instead of overdoing it on sugar, processed foods, expensive gifts and alcohol, you can instead nourish your loved ones with wholesome seasonal food and great memories and experiences.

Australian seasonal fruits are perfect for the warmer holiday weather. Summer season fruits include apricots, berries, cherries, grapes, figs, lychees, mangos and banana. Eating less processed foods will make you feel better inside and out. Eat wholesome unprocessed food will also cost the earth less in plastic wrapping and energy for processing. If you shop at local farmer’s markets and local, you will save food miles and support your local economy. They say that when you buy from a local small business, you pay for a child’s next ballet class and not a CEO’s third vacation home.

Experiences are important and often create deeper memories than material possessions. People do not remember when they got their PlayStation, they remember when they went hot air ballooning. Some great experiences to share with loved ones include picnics, games and puzzles, horse riding, bush walking, pottery or art class, stand up paddle boarding, cooking, rock climbing, camping or glamping and other outdoor activities.

Another great experience would be to give back. Donate your time with your loved ones to a cause you care about. You could cook or knit for the people in need, visit elderly, support an animal sanctuary. The benefit others can obtain, from a small effort on your part, can be immense. There are plenty of ways to be involved. Most causes have websites with details of how you can be involved. Giving back teaches children to think of others and to appreciate what they have.

Some great ideas for presents include indoor and outdoor plants, products from local markets such as locally made craft or clothing, vouchers for experiences or items from the list below. Personalised and handmade vouchers for cuddles, massages, cleaning, a trip to the beach or park, an ice cream or anything else you know the gift receiver would enjoy and value.

Another great gift idea is to donate to nature such as those from Rainforest Rescue where you can buy part of a conservation project from $25 to $1,000 as a gift for someone. offer advice and information about a range of sustainable products. Including jewellery, pets, clothing, toys and beauty products. They also have a great blog called The Good Edit.

The websites below offer fair trade and eco friendly products direct from developing countries. This way you get unique gifts and the producers are paid a fair price for their work:

Also specialise in fashionable sneakers - their motto is ‘wear no evil’!

We wish you a wholesome and fun filled holiday season.