Having a Vision

I went to watch the wonderful Anna Rose speak at my local community centre a couple of months ago. One thing that I took from her talk was that the climate change advocacy movement is lacking a solid vision. Anna used the example: we are always watching apocalyptic movies that show the end of the world with few survivors. There are never movies that show the human race changing to make it through or changing our economies and social structures to accommodate our present state.

Visions are extremely important for many different existing organisations and events. All big businesses have company visions. Leaders in government, social movements and CEOs use visions to gain support, set their agendas and move into power. As individuals we have goals and visions of what we want to achieve in life. We manifest our lives through our visions.

The vision Anna was speaking about is particularly important because climate science is old news, frightening and grim. We hear it all the time and it is often either too much to listen to, too terrifying or too boring. This causes inaction, denial and fear. People are often busy and worried enough in their lives to be able to take on such a large daunting problem. Providing a vision to people inspires hope, inclusion, action and belief. The vision creates positivity around the problem and focuses on the future. The sceptics are then ignored and energy is directed to solving the problem.

My vision is the individuals and organisations of Australia (and the world) will begin taking control of their investments and demanding better from their current investment managers and superannuation funds. In turn, shifting the investment market to better represent our countries and individual interests.